Volunteer Opportunities – Come and Join us!

WiSH Volunteers and family members at our first Certificate Awards Celebration
  1. WiSH Volunteer Hours Administrator

WiSH is now an established charity that has achieved much in a relatively short amount of time. This has been due entirely to the hard work and dedication of WiSH Volunteers.

It is vital that we capture and record the number of Volunteer hours completed. To recognise individual Volunteers contributions and to encourage funding (match funding can consider Volunteer hours). This role would need about 4 hours at the end of each month.

  1. WiSH Recruitment Officer

As WiSH continues to expand, we need to increase our Volunteer base. We are therefore looking for an experienced recruitment / HR person who would be able to oversee the recruitment process for new roles. This role would need about 3 hours a week, although would fluctuate according to requirements at the time.

  1. Communication / Marketing roles

We are currently reviewing our Communication / marketing roles / Newsletter writing. If you have any interest / experience in these areas and have time to Volunteer – please get in touch.

  1. Tour Guides / The Greatest Story Museum Hosts

If you’re interested in becoming a Stadium Tour Guide or Host – please feel free to get in touch and find out what’s involved.

  1. WiSH Support Team

We would like to increase the number of Volunteers we have to help on an ‘ad hoc’ basis – this may be to staff a stall at a community event / collect move artifact, cabinets etc / help with specific projects. 

For further details please contact me

Chris Hutchinson,

Head of Volunteering, 

WiSH by email – 


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