The WiSH Team

Following the successful completion of Phases 1 and 2 over a three-and-a-half period, John Lynch succeeded Michael Padmanathan as Managing Director of WiSH. John Lynch will lead the “Project-Led” WiSH organisation into Phase 3 (Business as Usual). Please click here to learn more.

The Operation organisation is managed by the WiSH Board

The extended WiSH family

WiSH is delighted to announce the other members of the WiSH family

  • Maureen Batsford (President)
  • Dickie Guy (Vice President)
  • Barry Briggs (Vice President)
  • Mark Robinson (Ambassador)
  • Terry Brown (Ambassador)
  • John Scales (Ambassador)
  • Will Nightingale (Ambassador)
  • Terry Gibson (Ambassador)
  • Mike Kelly (Ambassador)
  • John Martin (Ambassador)
  • Dave Willis (Ambassador)
  • Ian Cooke (Ambassador)
  • Erik Samuelson (Ambassador)

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