True Volunteer Foundation

In 2012, True Volunteer Foundation (TVF), an international award winning non-governmental organisation, launched an ambitious sporting programme in the London Borough of Merton. To enable this project, TVF partnered with a number of local sporting organisations including AFC Wimbledon.

TVF officially partnered with WiSH in 2020. The benefits to WiSH include a licence-free version of the film and the book, an educational grant and access to other resources on a case by case basis.

A number of people involved with this project are now inducted volunteers at WiSH.

TVF partnered with Sky Sports, the BBC and other media organisations to bring this project to life.
One main output from this project was the film entitled “Common Ground”. This film was shown at the Odeon Cinema in Wimbledon. A shorter version, together with the book, was distributed to local schools and can be viewed below.
A number of historic sporting locations in the London Borough of Merton and neighbouring boroughs can be visited.

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