Going to the Dogs – Remembering our links to the history of the site

WiSH has always been dedicated to preserving the history of sports in the borough, and none could be more significant than the ones that took place at the Wimbledon Stadium before the closure, and subsequent arrival of our beloved football club.

One of the most popular events to take place at the stadium was that of Greyhound racing. With the trusted work of our close friends at Digital-Works we set about the ambitious task of making a film of people’s memories from that era, one that lasted from 1928 to 2017.

Going to the Dogs was the result and can be seen here, with full interviews from those who contributed to it https://goingtothedogs.org.uk/film.html

With so much history already on site, it was fitting that racegoers, dog owners, and staff at the old stadium were present when the film was premiered at the ground, some of those involved had previously stated they would not come back to the site after the demise of racing.

Such is the appeal of our work, and the trust given to us through many involved, that thankfully some did and were thrilled with the work we have done in making sure that their memories of the days gone by are very much part of the new building and its surroundings. The centrepiece is the Mick the Miller mosaic that has a permanent home outside the main entrance to the club.

The club and WiSH give a big thank you to the National Lottery Heritage Fund, and also the contributions by the Greyhound Board of Great Britain, and Gailliard, who worked with English Heritage to ensure the preservation of the mosaic and the large mural on the brick wall at the back of the stadium.

As always there are many people to thank for the work that goes on in making sure these projects come to life. The team at Digital-Works, Sarah Gould at Merton Heritage, and the huge mosaic was taken up by Mark Gadsen and his team. Moving two tonnes of concrete with a listed item on it was a very arduous mission. Our ongoing thanks go to Ben at Bark for the fine storyboard and plaques that accompany our work around the stadium.

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